Last Updated: 20 January 2024

Very important information before you buy any services from us:

We provide working Google ,Microsoft, Facebook Ads accounts with the possibility to add funds anytime and run campaigns worldwide.

Accounts are working 100% since the Ads account will have a running campaign in order to verify that it’s fully active prior to send it to you. You can pause that campaign or remove it.

We provide general tips to run campaigns and to keep the account for as long as possible (except when you hire an ads manager where we provide full support for campaigns).

Make sure to check the service status.


  • Due to the nature of our business we can only accept Cryptocurrency payments: BTC, DAI, DASH, DGB, DOGE, LTC,TRX, USDC, USDT_ERC20, USDT_TRON, XMR, ZEC


  • All accounts are set on manual payments. You have to add money to the account before running any campaign
  • All campaigns will be verified by us to make sure they respect ads policies before they are allowed to run
  • You receive limited access by invite to the account to your Gmail address
  • If account is suspended because of your campaign, any funds added will be lost. No refunds are made on these accounts
  • You can pay the account fee and extend the renting period at anytime. If account fee is not paid, the campaign will be deleted at the end of the rental period.


  • You can add funds to the account on our website
  • Deposit fee is 5%
  • Minimum deposit is 25 USD.


  • Accounts: 12 – 24 hours
  • Add Funds: Instantly 
  • Black Hat Campaigns Cloaking Setup – 12- 24 Hours
  • Google Merchant Center Full Setup: 1 – 3 days for website, 1-2 days for Google Merchant Center upload and approval.
  • Google Ads Click Bot campaign setup 12 – 24 hours


You can publish Crypto, Gambling, Forex, Brands,IPTV, Affiliates and more campaigns on Google Ads using our custom made cloaking for Google Ads.

We create a landing page on our servers using custom scripts that will redirect to your page.

We activate the cloaking services on your account.


We will create and publish the ads for you, based on your settings to make sure the ads will get approved. We will also optimize your budget to get the lowest click cost possible.


Ads Manager

30 days. If you choose this option, accounts have a 100% warranty. In case of suspension, you receive your money back or a replacement.

Warranty is void if any changes are done to the campaign without the ads manager approval.

Credit Cards

If you choose to use our credit cards, we offer 100% warranty that the account will not be suspended for Suspicious Payments.

Black Hat Campaigns

30 days warranty with account replace


If during a 90 day period there is no activity on your account (Suspended, Add Funds or Campaigns running ) the account is considered INACTIVE and will be deleted from our website.

You can still use the account but you have to add your payment method and also proxy.


  • Accounts have cards attached that can accept refunds.
  • Refund fee to your bitcoin address is 10% of the amount
  • Google/Microsoft/Facebook sends refunds within 14 days since the account was cancelled
  • To process your refund contact us