How To Create a High-Quality Landing Page for Google Ads

Are you looking to create a high-quality landing page for Google ads, but you are not sure where to get started?

Google ads account is one of the best marketing platforms at your disposal. You can start immediately; you just need to buy a Google ads account. It permits you to reach a huge audience and target keywords to direct excellent leads to your site.

That is why, now, we will teach you how to build and optimize a landing page for Google ads.

Do you need a landing page for your Google ads?

Learning how to build and optimize a landing page for Google ads can be one of the biggest benefits to getting more sales. That is because, unlike most marketing platforms, Google permits you to show advertisements depending on the keywords somebody is seeking.

This means you can target by their intent. In other words, when you know what people are typing, you get a better idea of where they’re in their client journey.

In other words, when you know what people are typing into Google, you get a further idea of where they’re in their customer journey.

And as you target phrases and keywords that are closer to the bottom of your funnel, you will attract quality leads that are on the verge of making a purchase.

That is where your landing page for Google ads comes in. By creating a landing page for Google ads, you can personalize the user experience and expect higher sales.

Rather than sending new leads, to a generic web page on your website, like your home page, you can create a landing page that highlight your attractive offers, has loads of social proof, and is created specifically to convert.

But, the great part, with the right tools, anybody can learn how to create and optimize a landing page for Google ads in a matter of minutes.

Create a high-quality landing page for Google ads 

So what rightly goes into a successful landing page for Google ads and where on earth do you start? Here are the guidelines.

Landing page content Should be corresponding

Write proper headline and body copy with the ultimate goal of clearly communicating the worth of your offer. Why should visitors take more step or What are they going to get in exchange for their funds or their contact details?

Here’re tips for creating a high-quality landing page for Google ads:

  • Focus on the strong headline – Your headline for a landing page is the most vital part of your copy – in fact, it is the only part a few visitors will even read! Make it count!
  • Write clearly – Your landing page should be pushing the advantages of your offer. Answer the so what query. Why do they need what you can offer? How will it solve their issues and address their hard points?
  • Use emotion – Readers responds to advertisement and landing pages that play to their emotions politely.
  • Choose a top-quality image – If you are selling a product, you need a couple of high quality images on the landing. If you are offering a quality service, you can still use high quality landing page photos to deliver the value plan of the offering.

Implement bold texts, bullet lists, and other graphical elements – this helps readers know what parts of ads copy is the most vital and makes the landing page ads copy easier to digest. Bear in mind, you want visitors to be doing less reading and much more converting.

Optimize Landing Pages for Higher Conversions

Match corresponding advertisement Test 

Does the copy of our landing page engage the content that was in your advertisement? Ensure to use similar keywords from the advertisement text. The connection should be clear and the continuity will reassure your audience that they’re on the correct path.

Do not send them to a generic web page where they’ve to search for what they are looking for, as this’ll provide a poor user experience and boot bounce rate. Look on your site for the most relevant web page for your advertisement. If you don’t have a corresponding page then make a new and no index the new web page if you don’t need it for your organic rankings.

To the point 

A landing page should provide all the essential info that your visitor needs, but the careful not to overwhelm them. Give vital info that’ll connect your visitors. Sometimes we ask our customers why something is on their web landing page and the answer is I do not know or I’m not sure. If something does not need to be on your landing page then do not put them there.

Limit Exit Points

This is a very common problem with a landing page for Google ads. When you have spent time producing an enormous advert, paid for somebody to click on it, why drive them off your landing web page with a link to somewhere else on your website?

You’ve spent money and time getting the audience to your landing page, so funnel the audience down the desired way and decrease links that’ll take people away from it.

Mobile Friendly 

The way pep[le search online is changing. More than 70 percent of sites searches are now down on cell phones. You have to ensure that your site is optimized for it. It is sometimes simple to forget that we are consumers too.

If you are browsing on your cell phone, click on Google ads, visit the site and it’s not optimized for cell phone, you would not spend time zooming in on text as well as scrolling around trying to find what you are looking for. You will come off that landing page and visit another site that provides a smooth user experience.

End words…

A fine landing page for Google ads can boost conversion rates from using a Google Ads account. Ensure that your campaigns are not being let down by the wrong landing page. Tailor your landing web pages to the advertisement you are showing to make sure a fine quality score and enormous user experience if someone clicks on your ads. Check our Google Ads Accounts if you need to run ads on Google, YouTube and more.

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